“Go to Delta”, said one.

“You didnt even wear suit”, said another.

One underlying fact was that my name was not Osas or Eghosa.

Edo didn’t want me. I took my backpack and left.

Went back to Asaba, finally had an interview. Series of questions. I sha managed to ace.

I was to start December. The salary? 15k. (i pay 280k for law school o).  Was gonna work from 8 to 5.30 each day. Had to always meet up with morning mini-fellowship, and evening prayers after work.

Wednesday evening was some major church kini. Was not allowed to gist with colleagues, had to stay in my cubicle. If office to the courthouse was 100, that was what i would get, no extra. And i was to account for every Naira in some expense register, even for 30 Naira ride in Marwa tricycle. Far from the life i wanted, but at least i could now take office selfies too. Once my uncle approached me to accompany him to Enugu to assist in a traditional divorce morning. I asked my boss for permission. He declined.

Delta State had primaries at the time, so there were days i’d be in the office from 7-7, even on Saturdays. Little blunders came with questions about the credibility of my grades, and one day when I used 500 for drop, i received an earful. I spent only six weeks there. I found another which paid 30k. This one had a white garment prophetess as a wife, had me work from 8-7, and sent me alone whenever his files were poorly prepared, so the judges could roast my life. He refused to employ ladies, no matter how intelligent they were….

And whenever his wife cooked for the lawyers, our appearance fee was slashed by half. We would receive February’s salary in mid-March, and sometimes i wouldn’t know which court i was going to even by 8.55am. Three months later, he began to withdraw the clients who treated me nicely, and the secretary’s snitching didn’t help matters.

After one morning where he questioned my commitment, i took my jacket and books and stormed out, forfeiting my April salary. The blues set in again. I flunked two interviews in Abuja, a birthday cake from Uyo only held off the gloom for a night, and I could no longer afford paying for the weekend liquor.

The corp member with whom i had a ‘loose emotional arrangement’ began to wonder why I was becoming unavailable. A month of chores, nagging, and respective interviews in PH and Ibadan later, I packed a suit, three shirts, one pair of shoes, Mike (my laptop),  and few T-shirts…..

And took a non-AC bus to Lagos.