1. Life’s surprises

Should child man surprise your seeing?

Should child man surprise your hearing?

Is that a man? I see a child

Is that a man? I hear a child


Like the oceans not surprised at tears

Or the earth not troubled about her earthquakes


As far as our eyes can see is nothing


As deep as our minds cannot think


As good as our ears cannot hear a thing


We shall find our wonder we muse

When they come, we are amazed

By them, ever amazing

So, let them be! Our minded musing


Did their maker not make?

With beauty and color

And painstaking times like us.


2. The Word

Now, the word is out

Where none shall doubt

Seeing his body— fail

They all turn to whispering campaigns

With their sticky-beak


Mouthing down his name

Then, the black-shadow

Tales with the beady eyes

Lowly to take him home like wind

First in teary pail


And fettered pain

Then bricks out of brick,

His hair loose its bridle

And with its cairns

Then the faulting skin shall be so cagey

With toiling like tolls never caged

Then steps out of its step

His legs limbs shall be left lame


Forever there, in that bed,

His regrets always weighing

Where the time so delays

The coming of white horse he awaits

For a ride down those plains

The hurts and HIV/AIDS

Shall have no free lanes.


Author’s Bio – Anthony Djaba Sackey is a graduate of Nautical Science, Regional Maritime University and his poetry is – “dirt, words and spirit which defines him in the time frame of space.”  He lives in Koforidua, Ghana.