What does a dream know of boundaries

When all that it feels for time is pure contempt

It obeys not a law set by any country

And pays no taxes or holds protests

Everyday I wake up to a world more broken

But my dream remains unabated

So it is with dreamy eyes that I probe the world open

And with the same strip myself

I judge not by my present circumstance

But against the light of a dream

I’m experient in heartbreaks of living in expectance

And yet a slave shackled to my beliefs

My dream is unbridled and permitted to run wild

The world beckons on me to herald her reality

But she may have to wait a while

For my vision to set sights on her.

Author’s Bio – Julius Morno is a Nigerian writer, poet and filmmaker. The themes of his writings are vast but mostly border on the human condition and experience where he draws inspirations from daily experiences and interactions.