Once I saw her hips, full breasts, long legs, I knew we were going to fuck.   You smile too much, she said as we shook hands for the first time. I watched as the words left her mouth revealing her cream colored teeth. Her hands were the smoothness of water. I smiled again thinking I should have hugged her instead. So how did you recognize me? She asked, leaning in, face forward, her breasts inches from my chest. I felt her fingers tracing a line on the muscles of my left arm which I folded across my chest.   It was easy, I responded. I have most of your pictures on my phone. I spent time studying them. The smile on her face crumbled into a frown. Two soft lines dissected her artificial brows from each other. 
I am not a pervert, I said almost immediately.  

Of course you’re not, she shot back. They don’t wear it as a cloth. You’re really cute.   I know, right? I said to her and she laughed. I joined the laughter, but without her enthusiasm eyeing her with caution’s signature written on my face. My eyes pulled downwards, towards her breasts. I wanted, needed to grab her,  kiss her, do as I felt, right at the entrance of the mall. 

I feel like hugging you, I said, staring into her dark eyes. 

 You want to crush these babies in front of you don’t you? She said, leaning back and holding her breasts, her left brow curved up like a bird in flight.   You bet, I do. I say to her.   I wasn’t expecting that reply.  I didn’t expect you to say what you said either.   She hugged me, my folded arm brushing her huge breasts. She smelt of freshly crushed apple juice. I unfolded my arms and then wrapped it around her and crushed her to my chest, taking her all in. She felt unusually stronger than I expected.   I want to fuck you, my whisper  was throaty in a way that may strain her to hear. She did not seem to have heard.  You work out I can tell. She said as she disentangled herself from my hug.

 What gave me away? I asked her.   Your gorgeous muscles, I used to work out too in a different life.   She was caressing my muscles now. Each touch sent waves of electricity all over my body. 

 I like how you held me when we hugged, she says.   I was loosing my voice to the blood rush in my dick. I liked how she touched me, it sent my brain into an over drive. 

 I have lost my appetite. Let’s continue this date in my apartment.   Oh! Sure, she said with a smile filled with what looked like mischief.   What’s on your mind? I asked   I heard you the first time you know. I was once a man like you.

Authors Bio – Tolu Daniel is a widely published writer and Associate Editor at Afridiaspora when he’s not taking some creatively inspiring photographs across Nigeria. Connect with Tolu across social media – @iamtoludaniel